It’s hard for small businesses and non-profit organizations to keep up with the latest web technology or to even create a website in the first place. Small businesses and non-profit organizations need to compete with bigger companies that have many dynamic features on their websites. That’s why we started Affordable Web Design and Graphics Solutions. We wanted to help provide web design and development along with dynamic features for small businesses and non-profits to help them stay competitive and lower their costs in today’s web driven society. Having a website can actually lower operating costs for some organizations when they utilize the web as a central communication tool for their members.

Web Site Content

Affordable Web Design prefers that clients provide content as it should appear on their web site. Content is preferred in soft copy format. Written material, graphics and photos may be sent via email. Content provided in hard copy form such as manuscripts, brochures, literature, photos, graphics, etc., incur additional fees for processing.

Web Hosting

As a convenience to our clients, Affordable Web Design recommends hosting with ICDsoft.com (see link on the left). Customers also enjoy outstanding value and services with either of these companies.

Our customers also free to choose any web host. We can help pick on that will meet the needs of your site. At no additional charge, the web site is uploaded to selected host; however, the host must be able to grant FTP access.

Domain Name Registration

We are happy to complete this step at no set up charge; the client pays only the registration fee. You may choose to use any Domain Name Registration service that you choose.

Site Maintenance, Updates & Support

If a client wishes to have Affordable Web Design maintain the site, making changes or updates will be quick and easy. In most cases, all that is needed is a simple email exchange, and the web site will be updated within a matter of hours. We guarantee updates to be completed within 48 hours of receipt of email from client requesting a change(s).

Very often with volunteer organizations, small businesses and non-profit organizations – maintaining the website can be hectic, unreliable and inconsistent. Affordable Web Design offers a service to your business that is guaranteed to be reliable, consistent, and supportive of your goals.


To sell products or services on the internet, clients will have to accept payments. This is a growth area and there are a number of different payment processing solutions. The right on depends upon your predicted sales volume as well as value of each sale.

When setting up an e-commerce store you will need a Merchant bank account that allows you to accept credit card payments.

What You Need to Do – Before You Create a Web Site

There is not an Internet Marketer out there who doesn’t realize their victories are reliant upon having a website. Naturally, knowing this is one thing. Understanding how to actually create a website is a completely different subject. If you do not want to waste your time, there are a lot of things that you need to think about and questions to answer before you write or use even one line of code. What are some of those issues? In this article, we are going to talk about a few of them.

What exactly do you want to accomplish with your business? Do you want to sell a lot of a simple product? Have you considered being an affiliate? Will the site offer a service of some sort? Is this an educational product? Figuring out your initial goals for your business will help you figure out what kind of website you need. Maybe you need a sales page. A blog is also something you may need. Portfolios can also be added. Knowing exactly what you want to do is essential for reaching your professional goals as an Internet Marketer. If a visitor was to type in a search term in a search engine, do you know what keywords they will look for in order to find your site? Your keyword choices are a vital element in how your site appears in search engine results. Your website’s tags will have a heavy focus on those keywords. The content you show on your site will be keyword focused. The central element of all your site’s copy will be those keywords. Keyword research isn’t difficult, but it’s a lot harder to figure out which exact keywords will be pertinent to your individual site – not everyone else’s. Give your creativity some room to move here. Do you really want your site to try and compete with every other site out there using the exact same keywords so that you end up hidden at the very bottom of millions of other sites on the search engines?

Nobody is going to get it right, first time though. All successful websites constantly change and you’ll probably have multiple design changes. However take any really big web site and you’ll see that there is a focus which lies at the very core of the business. Amazon might look informational but it’s all designed on selling products, everything leads you to add lots of stuff to your basket and checkout simply and easily. Netflix is another great example, when you’ve subscribed it’s all about usability they have in fact goals one for subscribers and one for potential customers – both are very different. Incidentally talking about the media giant, I recently discovered how to change Netflix to the US version – which you can see here.

It’s obviously easier to design a fantastic site when sales are not important. Looking at something which doesn’t directly make a profit like the BBC website then you’ll see how much flexibility it gives you. Another useful media tip – proxies can give you access to the websites you want to watch, with the BBC check this site – source.
What are you hoping people will do when they take a look at your website? Are you wishing for people to provide their email addresses in order to assist you in building your list? Are you hoping they will spend money on a product you have available? Do you want them to recommend your site to others? Establish each of these things before you begin writing your code and putting your content together. So as to ensure that your website will work for you the way you want it to, you need to persuade people into doing what you want them to do. The end goal should always be at the front of your mind.

As you can see, you need to have a clear set of objectives in mind before building your website, something that Internet Marketers tend to forget. Knowing the answers to these questions before you start building a website is absolutely imperative. By getting a handle on your goals and understanding in your mind how to accomplish them, you can then begin to build your site.

Professional Webdesign And HTML 5 Tools

Information om overvågning og alarmerIf you are serious on creating your own business website or just a nice personal website, then it might be a good idea to learn a little about the new HTML 5. It’s always nice to look good in real life, the same goes for your website. If you got a bad looking website, it reflects badly on you or your business. You have to be careful about which type of HTML or webdesign tool, that you are using. HTML 5 is the latest version of HTML. It has markup language that you can use to display web pages. Even though it is technically still in progress, it is very much ready to use nowadays. Last month we looked at tools such as Nyt Tag and Briketter, today we are going to take a closer look at the tool kameraovervågning. If you are going to build websites and web applications, you can still use it and make the job a little easier. There are some great examples of HTML 5 in action. You are able to see exactly what you can achieve with it. HTML 5 brings you best examples of websites designs and applications. Once you have goal for your website, you have to look for professional web designer. It will help you from any decisions you make just for the good of your website. Of course, you are building a website for your business and this serves as the face of your business online. So, you better have to check if your website is eye-catching. Don’t design your website too much, this will cause not easy to open on the web browser.

Website visitors would leave your website if they can’t open it easily. Make your website easy and accessible to open by the website visitors. This will help them view your website easily. An easy and friendly website will received good feedbacks from the visitors. This will mark up your website and Google will read this. This will serve as a good start to your website in some other search engines. Kameraovervågning is a tool that makes it a little easier for you to integrate videos into your webdesign. There is some helpful knowledge when talking about website developing both with and without tools like Kameraovervågning. Just to keep it easy, you need to consider about your objectives. Before you plan for your website, you need to have a thorough understanding about how you can have good website building. Don’t simply get enticed from those convincing advertisements on how to build for your website. Professional webdesign is needed using the HTML 5 and kameraovervågning. Many website builders suggested the nice functions and features of HTML 5. This is the latest version of HTML which will satisfy every client. The first law to memorize when considering about website making is to have your goals.

Having objectives or goals for your website will surely complete the face of your business online. You can have an increase chance of getting potential website visitors. HTML 5 will serve as the best web design inspiration. HTML 5 is best for web building. This is an ideal web design to make your website good looking and appealing to the website visitors. There are rumors that HTML 5 would replace or take over Adobe Flash. Most web community argues about this concept. However, there are 4 million beautiful HTML 5-powered websites out there at the moment, but a lot more flash sites. Many developers put their bets on HTML 5 as this is a newer system, as much more likely to run on Ipad and Iphones too. Something Flash doesn’t.

Web: Visit source article here

 Important – Bring Down Your Bounce Rate for A Higher Performing Site

Many people are unaware of how their bounce rate can affect how their business site performs. It’s possible you do not even know what bounce rate is, so here is a very short definition. Basically, a bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your site that come to your home page, and then leave. Additionally, the visitor never leaves the home page to visit any other page on your website. They simply leave. Obviously, this can be very problematic, something you should see almost immediately. The lowest bounce rate possible – this is a goal that you should have. We will now show you how to lower this number using these simple strategies.


If you want to give yourself a good edge, you can use some measuring and tracking software to help yourself out. Many people like to use Google Analytics but there are a ton of alternatives on the market. Another really important and smart move is to do some testing–it goes a long way and it kind of goes hand in hand. Do this on just one page and then compare this to another page that has similar amounts of traffic. From here, optimize that same page and then see if you notice any changes as you watch your tracking numbers. Every single time you change something, track your visitor traffic and numbers and then check to see if your change was a positive change or a negative one.

It’s worth checking locations too, make sure you  know where your visitors are coming from.  It there’s a lot of variation then consider having different landing pages based on which country they’re for.  To test you can change your IP address online, using this software.

Several of our other articles have discussed the negative impact of ads on your websites. But for now let’s think about where you place your ads on each page. It is important that you do not place your advertisements near some page elements. Keeping your navigation buttons and links away from ads is important. One thing about poor ad placement is that can cause confusion and mainly be an annoyance. Your content should be easy to read, and your navigation buttons and links should be easy to use and find. Moving elements or flashing lights in your advertisements is something you should not have on your website. Keep that in mind.

Many things contribute to why people leave your site to quickly. If the reader is distracted continuously, this could contribute to high bounce rate ratios. The reason that some readers leave is because of the distractions themselves. People leave your site if they are exposed to so many distractions they can no longer deal with them. Not only have we all experienced this, but most of us have left sites due to flash ads, clashing colors and other things. If people do not check out the rest of your site, leaving immediately upon arriving at the home page, your bounce rate will increase, and your rankings will diminish.

After reading this article, if you need to decrease your bounce rate, the good news is that there are many ways to do this. Lowering your bounce rate is something that you can do. This is the good news we are talking about. The quality of your traffic, and an assortment of other factors, will influence the bounce rate that you have. Essentially, by sending targeted traffic to your site, you can lower your bounce rate to nominal levels.

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Some Effective Web Conversions Strategies Discussed

Those that do IM, and have a business website, can truly benefit from conversion optimization strategies that truly do work. First of all, it’s important to understand that this is a process of optimizing. Optimizing simply making everything better in regard to earning money with your business. How far you can go, and what you can do, or questions that you need to answer to succeed with this. These strategies can enable you to get 500% increase in conversion rates if you want. The mystery is not knowing how far you can increase your conversions over time. You basically need to keep going, using these strategies, until the conversions no longer go down.

There seems to be some debate about the usefulness of live chat on your site. Typically, people will see these and not use them. However, most people have seen them on websites on the net. It is a viable option, and if you have it, recording all the conversations is an absolute must. Later on, you can look at what was written and discern what people are really looking for. After you have this information, find a way to utilize it in a beneficial way for your business. Instead of just being a live chat service, it can serve as a tool to improve your business and your website many fold. The important point about live chat is you have a chance to hear from people who may not ever become a customer.

More than likely, you have experienced dissension in regard to choosing the best course of action for your business. A common occurrence that happens worldwide, becoming more common everyday. Usually these arguments are the result of uninformed people making unprofessional statements. Here are two reasons why this happens. First, the default decision and task if there is ever any doubt about what’s best is to test. It is only through testing that you can figure out what to do and what will bring higher conversions for your business.. So let there never be another argument over what is best. You should also realize that your opinion, and the opinion of others, has no value whatsoever. Yes, that’s also true because the only opinions that matters are those from your customers

Many websites use other forms of interaction and media to demonstrate their products.   Video is an obvious example, you no longer need an expensive production team to produce a professional looking video to your site.  Just check out the way this page will use video to demonstrate the use of a product, simple and effective way to show a use for your product.

If you do not know how to optimization testing, you might be confused as to where to start. Using general the proven guidelines is probably what you should start with. It is often advocated by experts to test on a very large scale immediately. If you start with A/B split testing, you can only do one thing at a time. You need to begin with the headline. This is an important place to start. You should not jump on smaller details for initial testing. Most people will tell you this. Very few people will see these obscure results, so they won’t impact your conversion rates that much at all. You might want to test new headers with bold color schemes at first.

Do you have an e-commerce site? If so, A/B split testing is one of the best approaches you can use. Improving your conversion can go to a higher level by implementing multivariate testing next. When comparing split testing with multivariate testing, the former is less expensive and much quicker in regard to results. Businesses have found that split testing can be both profitable and easy to do. By simply doing split testing, you can earn more money, increase your conversions, and save money at the same time.

Testing is of course key, without it you prove very little indeed. It is especially important when you’re dealing with potentially global markets as different people and countries respond to different promotional techniques.  What works’s for a UK TV market and expats like this non-promotional approach here, will not necessarily work in North American or Asian markets for example.

Webdesign And Usability: HTML 5

nyt-tag-tegntagDid you know that owning and running a website is not that simple? yes, if you own a website, you need to have a lot of considerations in order to get the most out of it. First, you need to make sure that your website is accessible. It is very important that your website is easy to access by the website visitors. No one wants to stay long waiting for a website to open up. Website visitors don’t want to stay longer period just to wait a website to open. So, you have to make sure that your website is user-friendly. Of course, aside from the content of the website, webdesign is another very important thing to consider. Many also choose to use one of the default webdesign creator apps such as Nyt tag, Briketter or FastHTML. If you have that nice webdesign, your website would surely have an increase numbers of visits. Website visitors would not hesitate to open up again your website. Webdesign is very important. Once your website has that professional webdesign, website visitors would appreciate every page of your site. However, this cannot be achieved without website design and website usability. You must keep in mind if you wanted to add interactivity for your site in order to improve the UX aspect. It will become more appealing to the website visitors.

The decline of Flash use for these cases can be credited to HTML 5. The advances in web technologies like HTML 5 help make your website more appealing. Nowadays, Flash is on a fast decline, HTML 5 becomes dominant. HTML 5 is the modern evolution of the standard that defines HTML. It represents 2 different aspects. First, it is the latest version of language HTML with attributes, new elements and behaviors. In Nyt Tag or FastHTML you can easily do this, with a few clicks without any knowledge of HTML or programming. Second, it has a bigger set of technologies that allows powerful websites and applications and more diverse. This set is called “HTML5 & friends” or to make it shorten “HTML5”. Most people who are not yet aware on how this HTML 5 reigns today, they would probably have a dry website. A dry look of a website would never entice website visitor to browse his/her site. Indeed, the dominant HTML 5 is having a name in the world of Webdesign and Usability these days. HTML designed to be usable through all open web developers.

HTML 5 has numerous resources of web technologies that are classified into various groups based on each function. These groups are namely semantics, connectivity, offline and storage, multimedia, 2D/3D graphics and effects, performance and integration, device access and styling which can all be done in both FastHTML and Nyt Tag. Semantics designed to describe more appropriately of what your content is. In Nyt Tag, you just click on the element and then set up the text and properties for it. Connectivity is designed to communicate with the server in innovative and latest ways. Offline and storage are designed to allow web pages to store data locally in client-side and to operate more offline effectively. Multimedia designed to create video and audio first-class citizens onto the open web. 2D/3D graphics and effects designed to allow more various range of presentations selections. Performance and integration would provide large speed optimization and to have better usage of computer hardware. Device access would allow the usage of several output and input devices. Styling is the last one that will let authors write more advance themes.

Web: http://nyttag.org/

Which are the WordPress Plugins Internet Marketers Need Most?

Internet marketers are wise to turn to WordPress for building all kinds of websites for them. You can create blogs, set up shopping carts and even run a portfolio site with this content management system. Plugins make it possible for mere mortals to accomplish geek-defying feats of coding complexity in a matter of seconds. These plugins are absolute tops for Internet marketers.


Probably the first plug-in you should add your blog is the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. This is something every blog should have even if you don’t sell merchandise on the Web. Having a sitemap is absolutely essential for your site or blog. This is how the search engine spiders know how to get around on your site. After updating blog posts on your webpage, your sitemap needs to be updated and resubmitted for indexing purposes. When you use this plug-in, it doesn’t for you, All you do is update your blogs and the rest happens automatically. You can now do all of your submissions worry free, and not know a single line of code.

CloudFlare is a multi-faceted plugin. It helps keep your site protected against attacks and helps increase your page loading speed.

Internet Marketing web pages need to load up as fast as possible. Unfortunately, if you have lots of graphics or dense code that your browser needs to translate, these things can slow down loading times. If a page loads too slowly, you risk people clicking away. The CloudFlare plugin can help you retain people’s attention (which makes it easier to make sales). You should carefully monitor it’s performance though, you can check the relative speed of your site by using the tool in Google’s Webmaster section. There are possible implications if you access your site’s admin panel through a proxy or VPN. I used to use an American DNS for Netflix but it caused all sorts of problems when accessing sites through Cloud Flare so just bear this in mind.

Then you should try Feed Pauser on your blog. If you are human, you’re more than likely to make an occasional mistake, especially after you have updated your website or blog. Even perfectionists do this! The difficulty with correcting these problems is that when you do this, it will automatically republish on the feeds that other people will be reading. The same post could actually be reposted several times, simply because you are making an update. If this is a possibility for you, you have to use Feed Pauser. It lets you pause before distributing your feed so that you can make sure what you publish is free of mistakes. Certain updates can be prevented from being sent to your feed at all if you choose to do so. You have full control!

Website building systems come and go. So do content management systems. WordPress, on the other hand, is here to stay. Very popular, it is used by Internet Marketers across the world. WordPress is so popular because of all of the plug-ins that can be used to give the users so much control. Of course, knowing which plugins are the best can be difficult. In this article, we have highlighted some of our favorites. We hope you’ve found this list useful!

John Halesworth
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How You Improve Your Results with Webinars

If you have given webinars and maybe they did not seem to provide much positive results, then perhaps you were making some classic mistakes. There might be other things that are getting in the way.

But you have to make sure that your next webinar is very powerful. This does not say that you must walk around full of energy. Just mimic the people who have had effective webinars and use their guidelines. In this article, you will find that a successful webinar is very doable. Don’t be afraid, they can be very powerful and not as difficult to create as you’d imagine. My last webinar was a very informal affair, based on my video – best VPN USA showing how a security product can have many more uses – the need is there and the webinar was extremely successful.

Being relaxed and informal is fine in webinars but don’t go too far with it. One particular area of importance is to not give in to the urge to talk to your audience the same way that you would talk with your friends. Of course that means avoiding any offensive words because that really does turn-off a lot of people. Stick to words, avoid things like pausing an making odd sounds. This, obviously, is dependent upon your actual audience because some of them are quite a lot more forgiving than others are. This is why you need to keep your audience in mind and make sure to plan your webinars around what they want and don’t want.


When doing live events, such as webinars, you have to be ready for anything. You know exactly what information you want to cover and the people tuning in also have some idea of the general subject. Then it appears that something isn’t meshing. So then you may be getting feedback in the comments or you just sense it. This is when you need to react quickly and change your approach. It’s about being ready for anything and about your mindset. You need to be able to react quickly so you can make sure you don’t lose your audience.

I was once really looking forward to a webinar I had signed up for. When I clicked to attend it, there was a notice that I had to download some kind of webinar app. It annoyed me so I closed my browser and didn’t bother joining in. I didn’t have very charitable thoughts towards the person in charge. Find a system whereby people don’t have to download any apps, which is what you should take away from my experience. If there’s no other choice, though, make sure your audience knows well in advance what they will have to do. It’s called making people jump through hoops and most aren’t happy about doing it. On the other hand, if you let them know up front, they might still attend.

Don’t hold back, if you’re excited by the idea of webinars for your business, start putting one together! Best of all, they don’t require you to have an existing marketing list. Joint ventures are great or you can simply market it the way you would anything else. But if you have a list, then you are in a good position and all you need to do is get a little more information.

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The Importance of Professional Hosting

Most website owners tend to have their sites hosted by the first web hosting company they come across and leave it at that. After all, as long as the pages load up in the user’s browser and it all looks OK, they are happy.

This is fine if the site itself is not expected to attract a high volume of traffic, display a lot of media or run CPU intensive scripts. And let’s face it; the vast majority of web pages tend to attract very low volumes of traffic, if any at all. So in this case, there doesn’t seem to be much need of a more powerful or higher spec server.

However, for the website owner that does expect a lot of traffic or their site is big and very interactive, its expansion can become strangled by a small hosting provider with low resources or without the means to handle big surges in bandwidth usage. In such a case, the sensible option is to pay the extra and get the best hosting that the budget will allow for.

Why is this?

If the website is a commercial one, you will need it to grow and become profitable. Let’s be realistic here, you don’t plow thousands of dollars into designing, building and optimizing a site unless you expect it to give you a good return on your investment!

To be profitable, the website needs to be visited by a lot of people. Some of those visitors will be expected to buy whatever the site is selling, be it a physical product or a service of some description depending on the business model it is acting as the online showcase for.

In order to make big sales volumes, the site needs to attract large numbers of visitors, just the same as any real world store. As long as the host that is housing the site has sufficient resources to cope with such large numbers of visitors and allow them to make their purchases from the site without any delays, the owner is happy, the customer is happy and everyone else is happy too.

This is as it should be.

In order to enjoy this level of happiness, the circumstances for its attainment need to be right. A top performing host will achieve this, whereas a cheaper, less well adapted host may not. You can find out more about the best hosting at: www.davidmazer.com.

When the difference between the cost of a cheap host and a more expensive but better equipped and fully featured one can make the difference between a successful online business and a failed one, the sensible money gets spent where it needs to. Trying to save a few dollars in this area can not only be false economy, but could prove disastrous for a new business (see this article at: www.entrepreneur.com).

So don’t skimp on hosting. Embrace the ethos of, “you get what you pay for!”

Great Content Makes a Great Website

One of the most consistently successful ways of keeping your site on that first page of the SERPs once you got it there is to keep the content fresh and new. And when you want to attract lots of organic traffic need to be on page one of the search engine results.

Google is constantly on the look-out for sites that have fresh, new and relevant content to the topic they are about. And whether that content is really radically new and exciting never heard before information, or whether its the same old same old rehashed and repackaged like just about every Internet Marketer out there including me is doing, they will generally lift the sites that provide it over the ones that don’t.

It’s a simple fact of life. Keep your content fresh any way you can and your site or blog will stay high. Ignore your site and don’t add any fresh content in there for a while and watch your baby slide down the chute into the nether regions of obscurity with all the rest of the lazy, couldn’t be bothered to write some stuff once in a while on their sites!

Oh, and one other about thing that content. You want it to contain enough of your main and secondary keywords as you can without overdoing it and keyword stuffing. That’ll just get your site flagged as spam which you definitely do not want if you desire any chance to rank with it.

But as for your content itself, you want it to be readable, of course or you’ll just end up with all the rest of the badly written unintelligible sites on page two hundred plus. You know the ones I mean? Well, that’s a bit unfair, but it happens!

When your site is new it won’t suddenly jump out and appear on page one, no matter how many back-links you have in the beginning or how well the site is designed (see: www.bwdma.org for more details). The search engines take time to spider all those links and if Google thinks you got them too fast, chance are your site will go to the sandbox!

So let’s get back to the content side of things. It’s very easy to keep slipping in your keywords all over the place to try and keep your site ranking on page one and not writing the best grammatically correct English. Just be mindful of the density and keep it low enough to pass inspection and you’ll be fine.

Another aspect of good content to get your site onto the front page is by using great written articles to attract readers from different places and even collecting hundreds of loyal feed readers. This creates a good interaction metric that Google is aware of and one that will rank your site better.

Direct your energy and enthusiasm into less competitive niches where you stand a better chance of getting onto the front page and attracting genuine organic search traffic that will click on your ads and affiliate links and that way your content will make money for you in time.

Maybe it’s not the fastest way of doing things, but it will grow steadily over time, which is the only way to do it after all.

Tips On How To Create Good Quality Web Design

bestilbriketter.dk - altid gode priser på træbriketterIf you noticed those commercials boasting on technical schools, you are aware that careers like Information Technology professionals or web design are in high demand. Last week we remade the entire website for a small company called brikettertilbud.dk, which are selling træbriketter and brænde online. You might not know that you have the potential to do the web designing without a need to attend special school, but you can do it even without taking a course just to learn web design. You can simply pick up and learn some skills needed from these tricks from here. You can have a good idea like displaying a tagline in an eye-catching space on your website. The tagline should let people know about your business. It must include a company’s motor or a statement that would let the reader know a bit about your offer. Using a clear tagline would help people visit your webpage. You merely have a few second to get their attention and would look through the whole website. It might be pretty but you should avoid too many animations on your site. This will destruct the appearance of your website. You may be thinking that it could be cool if your sales spin, splash page rotate and blink, but it will drive possible viewers away. If you add too many flashy splashes, your website may love amateurish or childish and this may not convince viewers to take a look. If we go back to the site from last week – brikettertilbud.dk which used to have a very old school design, a front page and a contact page. Now it have been updated to a more modern design and has a lot of useful information on their main products træbriketter, briketter and brænde. After the new webdesign convertion ratio have increased with almost 60%, so the money spend on a new design was well spend money and now they are selling a lot more træbriketter (a special brand of wooden briquettes).

The speed of an Internet connection is the governing factor and it is vital to make sure your website loads at a fast step. Once a site visitor would experience waiting for your website to load and ends up waiting, they would probably leave your site. They would decide to search for a similar site that would load fast and will never recommend anyone to your website. You should try to ensure that you can access your website easily although it’s common to see the triple w, like www or the http on the first line of your website. There are instances that the site is not searchable. This will never give any hassle for anyone who will access your website regardless of how they type it. You can also include a site map into your site. There are several purposes that site maps serve. Initially, it will help the site visitors navigate throughout your site. It will also be utilized by the search engines to index your entire website. This means that you have an improving search engine optimization and your website would receive more exposure. This will give you and your website more profit-earning potential.

briketter and brænde from brikettertilbudAnother good tip is to keep the sizes of your images and files small. It could be a death knell for any site to have excessive loading times. Having larger files needs longer time to load, the user’s load time would be time consuming and it ends up leaving your site. Most users would instantly leave or click the close button right away if the page doesn’t start to load within a few seconds. There are users that don’t want to wait just to view the site. So, you must have to make sure that opening your page is easy. If you have a large site, then you should always have search capabilities. You should include a search box at the top right or even top left of each page in your site. This will let visitors search easily for a term that would appear on your site. In order to improve your website, you can get search functions. Your website will be easy to search at Google and FreeFind. It is also essential that you have content on your site that is compelling. Yes, an interesting content can be a big help but has the quality content of course. Though the overall look of the website is vital, it is the content keeps viewers coming back for more.

Visitors would surely be interested to come back to your site to know more. They would expect much after the first time they view your site. You can have much more likely to have repeat visitors when you have useful, insightful content that people want to read about. You should try to come up with 3 or 4 keywords that you expect users to input into search engines when designing your site. These keywords must be repeated often throughout the page body, title and description meta tag. This will be easier for the users to locate your website on the web. You can even try a testimonial from real customers. There could be a few want to be the first to try a service or product, so let customers would know that other customers are satisfied. You can put a paragraph to your site from your clients’ experience to your company that has done projects with you. This will add point to your website and make it appear more profession. If you want to see the example we talked about in the beginning of the article, the shop selling træbriketter and briketter, just click on our source link in order to read more and see it live.


The Growth of Mobile Marketing

History is filled with examples of people, nations, institutions, etc that fell apart because they failed to pay attention to what was going on in the rest of the world.

It’s true that people tend to just get comfortable when things are going well. Life is always changing–which is something that is easy to forget, particularly when the changes are small or slow. So pay attention and do allow this to happen to you or your online business.

Opening a Google Adwords account and focusing just one media buys with videos and banners is pretty easy. Google provides you with great tools for media buys so you don’t have to be worried about taking on any PPC advertising. So you can find lots of sites that directly relate to your market and engage in a bunch of media buys.

Plus you can try a different approach which is media buys for sites that are in related markets or niches. If they’re related and you choose well, you’ll still get a great audience who is open to what you want to market. Just make sure that your research is good and that you are working with markets and niches that actually relate to each other.  For example, marketing a mobile TV system like this will work well to a bunch of movie buffs or Dr Who fans but not on a fishing site.

When you do media buys, you are working with buying ad space on sites, and if you are smart you will make them as targeted as possible. A good way to test is to use your banner to send people straight to a squeeze page or a landing page. The only thing that is really going to help this work out for you is to create a highly compelling reason for people to actually opt in. This is where it becomes important not to ask for a name and to limit yourself to just asking for an e-mail address for your opt in box. Only asking for an email has proven to bring higher conversions than the other standard which is name and email.

Another very clever approach to mobile advertising and exposure is to create mobile friendly feeder sites. While they look similar and use the same basic principles these have more in common with the old doorway websites than they do with scraped sites. These are just feeder sites; their only goal is to increase the exposure you get for our main money websites. It is important that people don’t think that they are trash sites, though so make sure you put some real work into making them good. Put some true time into building them but remember that they don’t have to be huge authority websites either. They are just feeder websites for sending people to your main or primary websites.

You can find some great teachers who are very into mobile marketing and who have been using it quite a lot for a while now. So at least you will be able to find some useful information about this kind of thing. I would not recommend you look for much in marketing forums because it does not seem to be talked about much – but go ahead and look for it.

Source: Technical Information.

Don’t Wait! Why You Need to Create a Website for your Business

Your business needs a web presence. When it comes to socializing, it’s all a matter of what you prefer. It’s a personal choice if you want to spend your leisure time online or not. It’s a different story when it comes to your business, though -this is one area where you do need to be online. How large or complicated you want to make it is up to you, but it’s essential that your customers and prospects can look you up online. Whereas people once used phone books to find out who was offering what services, hardly anyone does this anymore. The internet has replaced most other forms of searching, so if people can’t find you there they’ll assume you don’t exist.

Having a website is essential. Already, we have mentioned this several times. To make this work for you, you have to expand past a main page, and a contact page with your information, in order to succeed in this area. Your website should provide vital information to build trust including who you are and what you do. Every site should have at least three pages on it. You should have a page on your site that describes you as the business owner, and also list the people that help you get things done.

It’s important at all sort of levels, and for every type of business.  You may think that a taxi firm or a local supplier won’t need a site because they only target local customers but that’s not true.  The reality is that people use the web much like a phone directory and location in many instances is fairly irrelevant.  Many website use geotargeting technology to restrict access to local visitors which you can use if required.  However there are an awful lot of people who use technology like these to bypass these – this site shows how to use a UK proxy to watch TV for example.

You should choose another page that will tell you what the business does and how the operation of the business actually occurs. You need a page that both displays your business contact information (address, phone number, hours of operation) and a contact form that people can use to contact you through the website. Sign yourself up for a LinkedIn account / profile. The profile doesn’t need to be set up specifically for your business. But you, as the business owner, need to make sure that you have a profile on this network. Yes, this is a network which is largely about making contacts and uploading resumes. This is why you need it. Interacting with other business owners is one option for making use of it. You can exploit it for connecting with other business owners. This will present you will tons of other chances for networking. You can also make use of the forums on the system to show off your expertise.

Send out a few press releases that announce your web presence. There are many different ways that you can upload your free press releases that don’t cost money, if you want to share the word. This is ideal for both spreading the word and boosting your back links, which are useful for search engine optimization. But don’t limit yourself to free servers and portals. Local media outlets, for instance TV and radio, should be recipients of your press release. You don’t know when they’ll decide that they are interested in what you do. If nothing else, perhaps they’ll share the release through their own websites.

When it comes to your business, building up a web presence is not that hard to do. It will take hard work and time. You need to work a little at it every day to make sure that the presence is as powerful as possible. It’s so easy to keep building upon your web presence, once you get the hang of it, it will be astounding how far you go. What matters is that you keep doing it. This will definitely make you happy.

Jane Harling is a technology writer for several online publications.  She also publishes on her own blog which is mainly to do with web design and internet marketing.

Technical Source on IP Address Changes – http://www.changeipaddress.net/

Google Analytics And Your Online Business

The website is up and running after all your hard work, but now comes the bigger question: how are you going to keep track of everyone who visited and everyone who buys? Your friends and family gushing over your website is really great, but for real feedback you need to find out if the website is bringing in the customers and how to increase the traffic if it is not bringing them in. Enter Google Analytics, a supremely potent and free tool for tracking information which can push your enterprise up to the next plane. This program will provide you with information on your visitors such as how many times they’ve visited you website, their geographical location, the keywords they used to search etc. Besides this useful information, you will gain the capability of watching the growing trends and learning about the audience which is coming to your site, and how long they are there for. Analytics will send you a report on each individual page of your website so you can evaluate which pages are drawing the customers and which pages need more work. Google Analytics is a wonderful business tool that is an asset to any online business.

It’s disheartening when you take the time to create the website and then you get no convertible traffic. Sometimes it’s because of simple errors on your pages that are hindering traffic and impacting your conversion rate. Broken links are one of the biggest problems noted when there is a lack of conversion, because the customers can’t navigate your site easily and they leave from frustration. Not only does it diminish the user experience, but it also hinders your SEO efforts and site revenue. Yet with Analytics, uncovering 404 pages that do not load, or other error pages is not difficult. In order to locate an error page with Google Analytics, first make sure you have your customer 404 page ready. You can add your site name and a message to the 404 page’s title. Once you’ve done that, go to the Content tab in the member’s section of Analytics, select “content by title”, and in the “free text” area paste your changes – it’s that easy! Now you should select your page’s title to investigate any web pages which are creating problems. This single advantage alone will keep you from lots of headaches.

Yet an additional advantage to Google Analytics concerns following your income streams. If you wish to grow your income through gathering exact data on your website, then this turns out to be especially significant. Any means of possibly providing revenue should be recorded. You are able to employ the Analytics URL Builder option in order to assign a one of a kind and specific URL to the channel so that you may follow it. Once you begin gathering the data, you are then free to evaluate the bounce rate, page views, and revenue generated, among other information. This will help you put your dollars in the best places to obtain the best results from your endeavors. It won’t identity everyone of course, many visitors will use proxies and VPN to protect their privacy and supply a fake IP address.

All things considered, Google Analytics proves to be a great answer to your Internet marketing requirements. Knowing where your profits originate from benefits your ability to continue marketing successfully.

To scale your Internet business and move it to the higher planes, you must stay on top of your visitor’s doings on your website and comprehend what their interests are. For anyone out there interested in a better return on your investment, and in increasing your Internet marketing endeavors, you must begin employing Google Analytics right away.

Harry Fargoe

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How to Attract More Advertising to your Site

After you’ve gotten your blog to a good place (in terms of traffic and repeated visitors) you should start thinking about monetizing and selling ads. You’ve set up your foundation so now you just have to research the market. Prior to your starting to market your blog as a platform for advertising, you need to know which offers are the offers that will work the best.

The only ads you should run are ads that are relevant, this much should be obvious to you. Avoid accepting non-relevant advertisers because their conversions will be low. If this happens, even if you’ve made some money, you’re going to be in a no-win situation. You can get okay results from markets that are related to yours but you should still discuss things with potential advertisers.  Look for something that your subscribers will need, one of the most successful adverts I’ve seen is for a product that allows you to watch UK TV abroad for free, which was placed on a site for expats.

Social media is very helpful…but it depends on which media portal you pick. If your site is leaning more towards the professionals, then create a presence on LinkedIn and here’s why. LinkedIn is the professional’s social media place of choice because that’s all you’ll find there. After you have set up your optimized account, start amassing contacts and join the groups that relate best to your own market.

The main goal of this activity is to start working on spreading the word about your business on the Internet. Then you can work on getting to know other businesses and building a good relationship with them. When you do this, you will find your way into conversations that might include people talking about you.

Selling ad space requires a huge level of proactivity on your part. You can also try to market your site to the better ezines that your ad market spends time reading. But you do need to understand who your prospects are as well as making absolutely sure that they actually do subscribe to those specific ezines. This is an old notion; go find your target market and make sure that you’re in front of them. Then you can run your own ads or write content for the ezine and get credit for it. This can work out quite well if you do the right sort of targeting with your marketing. Along this same vein, track down related websites that will let you contribute content to them. To get this to work, you shouldn’t target sites that directly compete with yours and make sure that your content is of the highest quality.

Keep your site secure, make sure you keep it updated especially if you’re using something like WordPress.  Take care how you connect don’t use insecure technologies like old FTP clients or Telnet to run your site, if you have to run them over a fast VPN like this which will encrypt and secure your connection.

The sad truth is that most websites haven’t positioned themselves properly for selling advertising space. You will need to have at least a few things happening for you. Obviously every potential advertiser is going to want to see your traffic numbers. How much traffic is the mean cut-off is hard to say. But one thing for sure is the more targeted traffic you have, the more you can charge for ad space. If you can point to outside sources of people talking about your site, you’ll be able to drive up the prices of your site too. Your ad space needs a dedicated page that details it…just like you would do for any other product that you want to sell. You shouldn’t have that difficult a time selling ads on your site or blog because you’ve already got experience developing a really successful website. Because you’ve figured out how to market your site selling your ad space shouldn’t be all that difficult. You can find other specifics that matter as well, and they are pretty easy to track them down online.

Some Simple Guidelines For Designing Your Website

No matter what you’re selling online, your website plays a critical role. You can have the greatest offer, product or service in the world but if your website is bad you won’t ever make a single sale. The content on your site obviously matters a great deal, but so does the design and layout. Web design is an incredibly important aspect of this cooperative effort. With a good web design, you can accomplish anything you want to accomplish. You have to take responsibility for the design of your site, even if you outsource part or all of the actual design work. Web design can take many forms, but no matter what kind of look you want, you should focus on the following points.

Your website layout must be simple and clean. Navigation bars that are easy to find. Things should not blink or change erratically. To sell more from your website, you must adhere to the aforementioned strategies. Unless you are selling your own web design services, you really don’t want the design itself to distract people from buying. Don’t be afraid of white space. It helps the visitor look at your site. The more clutter they have to deal with, the harder it is going to be for the visitors to sort through the din and figure out what you have to offer them. By having your website simple and clean, you will benefit every time.

Another important consideration is how easy it is to navigate your site. The webpages you create should provide easy navigation links. They should be located at the top, side and bottom of each page that you build. With this much navigation, it will be easy for a visitor to find their way around. Any visitor that comes to your site that has trouble just finding a navigation bar will likely leave your site within seconds. When the buttons are right there, however, they’ll probably click them just because they are curious.

When updating your site, ensure you do it carefully and always make sure you have plenty of backups and use a version control system. It’s worthwhile using a secure VPN when you connect as well, FTP can be unreliable and insecure, your passwords are important so take precautions.

Make sure that the design of your site guides the visitors where you want them to go. You can do this to a certain extent with your content and copy. Wording that exudes self confidence about your product will promote the interest of your viewers. Your graphics are equally as important. When you have managed to reel in a potential customer, you can finish the deal if you have made purchasing your product an effortless task. Along with your insight and motivation, you and your IM web specialist can design and launch your web endeavor.

Accessibility is also important, make sure your design works on every device and browser if you can.  Also remember many people access your site from computers in different countries with different languages, offering facilities like translation and allowing them to use a proxy unblocker to bypass web filtering will also increase your visitors.

The web design of your choice should always be tested to see if it can help you achieve your goals. There are several ways to do this. You could hire a web design professional – this would solve the problem. Working with your designer to make sure issues like the ones we’ve talked about in this article are addressed is another. These tips and tricks are just the tip of the iceberg. With a lot of hard work, and a little due diligence on your part, you will have every aspect of web design covered.

Bye, Bye to Proxies – Welcome to Smart DNS

Now for many years, although the internet has been growing exponentially there has been a considerable increase in the amount of web content which has is not accessible to many millions of web users. The most common source of these restrictions has been ironically one of the most popular area on the internet – media sites.

A decade ago it was virtually unheard of to watch TV shows, films or concerts online, now it’s an everyday occurrence. Virtually every large media site streams a large amount of it’s content online – sites like Hulu. BBC iPlayer, HBO, ABC and NBC for example represent some of the most popular sites on the planet. In fact many TVs and entertainment devices now stream directly from the internet rather than using traditional broadcast signal or cable networks.

Unfortunately most of these sites are restricted based on your location. SO although Hulu is packed full of wonderful TV, film and videos – it is only accessible to those in the USA. If you’re not registered to a US based IP address then you’ll get blocked when you try and access . It’s the same on virtually every media broadcasters in the world who stream their content usually only to people based in their location.

For global broadcasters like Netflix it means a slightly different thing. You can access Netflix from both Europe and the USA, yet you won’t see the same things. In fact the US version of Netflix has many thousand more films and movies than all the European ones despite it costing about the same.

But of course, this is the internet and not the place where you’ll find everyone passively accepting such big business shenanigans. While web designers where implementing methods to detect IP address locations, the internet was full of people developing ways to circumvent these restrictions. Initially the technology was fairly straight forward and available – routing your internet connection through proxies and VPNs based in the required country would allow access to any web site that you needed.

However using these servers came at a cost, routing your internet connection particularly whilst streaming video could slow down everything significantly. Fast, paid servers were available if you could afford the subscription but you’d still need to switch from USA, UK to Canada etc depending on what you needed to view. It could become quite annoying although certain applications made switching fairly straight forward.

The newest innovation is something pretty much more advanced and it’s called Smart DNS, you can see it’s power here. The reason why it’s so advanced is that it doesn’t route your entire connection through some third party server, so you don’t need any client software, or complicated configuration. It only filters the part of the connection which identifies your location, after that you stream directly from the web server involved. So there’s little overhead to your internet connection and what’s more you don’t need to change it every time you need a different country – there’s more technical details here.

Designing a Site for Playing Games

Finding out about design and planning strategies when you want to do something for yourself is half the work and probably the most important half. If that something is putting together a website for people to play games on, then you want to make sure that you learn everything that you can about it and those aspects of the process where you can get the most from what you know.

A great place to do your research is the Internet as there are tons of articles containing an amazing array of tips and advice that can be useful to you. There are some good tips and there are some not so good. What you really need to do is to figure out which ones are best for you personally.

What Do You Want to Know?

First you need to start by asking yourself what you need to know about. The reason for that is simply because we are all different and what might turn out to be a great plan for someone may conversely turn out to be a dreadful one for you!

But once you have found some really good strategies and plans that you feel are just perfect for you then the next step is to try them out for size. Even when an idea sounds good on paper, putting it into practice might bring about different results to what you expected.

Why You Should Use All the Advice You Can Get

It’s no joke when you are trying to figure things out for yourself and you seem to be obstructed every step of the way by a barrage of problems. Life gets in the way of your best laid out plans and it could just be your chosen strategy is just not working for you.

Well, you could probably turn it around with a real determined effort, but you can make things a lot easier for yourself by taking as much help as you can get. There are plenty of really good ideas available to be found if you know where to look and these can make the perfect place to start.

You just need to find some idea that will really turn things around for you and it is more likely that you are going to find exactly what you need when you go looking for it in the right places. So do check out design or game oriented websites like fetchingstudio.com because many of the better ones give away a wealth of information that can be really helpful.

Many have some really powerful techniques that you can use to your advantage. You may just stumble upon an idea you haven’t tried yet that turns out to be the one that jump starts your efforts with a happy conclusion!

You will never know what you’re going to end up with unless you try these things, so the practical side of this process of learning is just as important as the theory. With a little trial and error you will eventually get to the stage where you are creating great looking pages easily with the advice and plans that you have found and used to their best advantage.

Geotargeting Your Visitors

Why should you restrict visitors to your website?

After all, the internet is a global, mass, communication medium – isn’t it great to share and not be selfish about it?   Well that’s of course a very valid point, and early on during the first years of global internet access everything was pretty much open.  Mostly the boundaries were technical, for instance if you wanted to find a book stored somewhere in Wales – the answer was available. However to interrogate the database which held this information you had to telnet into the University of Wales library in Aberystwyth, which was cool for geeks looking for a book but not so good for people who had no idea what TELNET meant.

The internet has of course changed greatly, and accessibility is perhaps one of the biggest areas of change. Now anyone can access a website without difficulty, you don’t need to learn different programs. There is simply no need to learn about ARCHIE, GOPHUR<, TELNET or FreeAgent depending on what you where looking for or trying to access. Now the majority of the population can find whatever they want simply by using search engines. You can track down that file, article or video from your mobile phone whilst sitting on your bus to work. It needs no special knowledge or technical insight.

The internet became fabulously open, but as web visitors rose from 100’s to millions suddenly it became important to web site owners to control who watched their content. Now it sounds rather nasty and commercial, but the reality is that bandwidth costs money. So imagine you’re a business in a small town in Texas, you take some advice and decide that a few sexy adverts would really sell your business to prospective buyers of your luxury lingerie. Great, you employ a local model and a video company based down the road and shoot a wonderfully sexy video displaying your products. It’s a fantastic idea, but in reality you may have some problems. Your first month with your video displayed on your site may be a storming success due to views, but then you’ll get the bill for the bandwidth your video has consumed.

This is the problem, your sexy video, may become popular but perhaps to the wrong people. High class expensive lingerie from the US, will probably not sell to hundreds of thousands of viewers watching from Eastern Europe. However you will still incur bandwidth charges from wherever people watch this video. The big companies soon realised this and took moves to take control. After all when you think about it, the big sites have lots of worries about allowing unrestricted access to their content. Media sites for example need permission to broadcast shows to certain countries, so for instance – BBC Iplayer USA sounds great except when you discover there’s a different website designed to serve the US for a small fee – who’s going to use the US version if you can watch the UK one for free?

Of course nobody will, and as the internet expands web site owners are forced into the same dilemma, bandwidth costs money and so you need to ensure that only prospective purchasers watch things like video and audio streams. The solution is geotargeting where you look up the location of each and every visitor to your website, then make a small decision on what they can see on the site. You can redirect them to an appropriate language, give them a neat message or simply block access to specific areas of your site to minimize costs. So it will possibly lead to certain posts liek this one – how to watch BBC iplayer in USA posts where people seek to bypass these blocks but it will at least spare you the huge bandwidth costs of unlimited traffic.