It’s hard for small businesses and non-profit organizations to keep up with the latest web technology or to even create a website in the first place. Small businesses and non-profit organizations need to compete with bigger companies that have many dynamic features on their websites. That’s why we started Affordable Web Design and Graphics Solutions. We wanted to help provide web design and development along with dynamic features for small businesses and non-profits to help them stay competitive and lower their costs in today’s web driven society. Having a website can actually lower operating costs for some organizations when they utilize the web as a central communication tool for their members.

Web Site Content

Affordable Web Design prefers that clients provide content as it should appear on their web site. Content is preferred in soft copy format. Written material, graphics and photos may be sent via email. Content provided in hard copy form such as manuscripts, brochures, literature, photos, graphics, etc., incur additional fees for processing.

Web Hosting

As a convenience to our clients, Affordable Web Design recommends hosting with ICDsoft.com (see link on the left). Customers also enjoy outstanding value and services with either of these companies.

Our customers also free to choose any web host. We can help pick on that will meet the needs of your site. At no additional charge, the web site is uploaded to selected host; however, the host must be able to grant FTP access.

Domain Name Registration

We are happy to complete this step at no set up charge; the client pays only the registration fee. You may choose to use any Domain Name Registration service that you choose.

Site Maintenance, Updates & Support

If a client wishes to have Affordable Web Design maintain the site, making changes or updates will be quick and easy. In most cases, all that is needed is a simple email exchange, and the web site will be updated within a matter of hours. We guarantee updates to be completed within 48 hours of receipt of email from client requesting a change(s).

Very often with volunteer organizations, small businesses and non-profit organizations – maintaining the website can be hectic, unreliable and inconsistent. Affordable Web Design offers a service to your business that is guaranteed to be reliable, consistent, and supportive of your goals.


To sell products or services on the internet, clients will have to accept payments. This is a growth area and there are a number of different payment processing solutions. The right on depends upon your predicted sales volume as well as value of each sale.

When setting up an e-commerce store you will need a Merchant bank account that allows you to accept credit card payments.

Market your Business on YouTube

Many internet businesses tend to focus almost exclusively on their rankings in the search engines.   Although these can provide significant amounts of traffic, the internet has evolved in the last few years and focussing on these can be a mistake.  Many users now spend much of their time on various social and video web sites like Facebook and Youtube – both of these also include their own search engine functionality.

If you ignore these sources then you’ll be missing out on a huge potential source of customers for your business or services.    However there are complications and the most obvious one is that to market yourself on Youtube then you need to do so via the medium of video.    This can be difficult for many businesses particularly if they don’t have access to the skills and resources required to create videos professionally.

However fortunately over the last few years a series of systems have been made available commercially which allow the production of professional looking video without any technical knowledge.  These online slideshow video maker programs are very simple to use and allow the production of videos extremely quickly which can generate both traffic and customers.

As you can see from this demonstration, the focus on this particular system from Content Samurai is to create videos as quickly and efficiently as possible. The reason is that most marketers have discovered the secret to successfully marketing on YouTube is to produce high quality videos in volume, some will generate significant traffic whilst others will do less well.

Using programs like this it is possible to generate significant leads to your business and also a source of links back to your main web site. You can create links in the videos by using YouTube’s annotation feature which allows links to be placed manually in the foreground of the video. Links are of course ‘no follow’ but will provide traffic if they are placed at strategic points in the video with a suitable ‘call to action’.

Harold Fleming
Video Marketer

Website Not Converting – Try Benefit Bullets

We live in an age when people’s attention spans are dwindling rapidly. No where is this illustrated more profoundly than on the web, many people will hit the back button in seconds if they don’t see what they want. Long pages of text simply aren’t read, but bullets illustrating the benefits of your product or services can be very effective.

When using benefit bullets, you must consider more than just which benefits you want to list. In order to make them as effective as possible, you have to be careful about how your bullets look on the page and even they type of symbol you use for them.

Your bullets can’t be thought of in isolation, but as part of your overall copy, so it all has to work together. You don’t want to take the trouble to create bullet points and have them disregarded because they’re not well formatted or placed. Let’s explore some of the main considerations you should keep in mind when using benefit bullets.


We’re used to seeing bullet points following the introduction to a product that’s being sold. You can see how this can be effective. As effective as bullet points can be, though, if there are too many of them in one list they start to lose their power. More than half a dozen or so is as long as they should be for maximum impact. Also, use bullets as much as you can in other areas of your copy. People are real skimmers and scanners online, and the bullets greatly facilitate that process. Shorter sets of bullets also create more white space on the page, which is always beneficial.

There are certain formatting rules that apply to benefit bullets online, and it’s really pretty easy to figure this out. But, we just wanted to mention it and be sure you are aware of it because it does matter. Bullets should be indented, and in a way that’s uniform from one line to the next.

If you need any guidance in this area, look at some professionally done sales pages online. You also want to be certain that your bullets look as they should no matter what browser someone is using, so do some tests on this. Sometimes, for example, using an IE browser will create certain formatting problems.  Also check what they look like using a proxy or secure VPN service like this, many people use these tools nowadays and they can effect a sites display and formatting.

There aren’t many copywriting tools that are more useful to you than benefit bullets. You can decide what aspect of your offer you want to highlight by using bullets. You can create immediate enthusiasm about your offer this way. Your bullets should tell people the best reasons for ordering your product. This is a sneak peek and it has to be effective and full-weight. Even if some readers don’t look at anything but your Don’t hype it up and ruin the effect, but you can write something really powerful.

What I recommend you do is read this until you are sure you understand, and then go check out the benefit bullets in high quality copy.

Aside from recent examples, you can look at how traditional copywriters used them. For more recent models to look at, check out affiliate networks such as Clickbank. Once you begin your study, you’ll notice how many places benefit bullets are used.


Further Reading:

Some Innovative Traffic BUilding Techniques

What do you need to make a website successful and profitable? Well there’s a few possible answers to this question but in my opinion, there’s only one thing that no website can do without and that’s traffic.

The big mistake early on for many is thinking that traffic magically appears once the site has been made. It really does matter that you have researched your initial plans for traffic creation so you can make any changes to your site if necessary. What can you do to get targeted exposure? There are several ways to approach that question, but in the end you need solid information and then taking action on it. Just about all traffic strategies can be made to work, and there are differences among them as well. The purpose of the following article is to give you an insight into how you can leverage various traffic creation methods to get targeted results.


You do not need to have a blog if you have a static site, but you should think about making a companion blog. What can happen is your site will gain extra SEO points due to the presence of the blog. All the major search engines love blogs and give them high priority; so if you add a good, informative blog to your website, you’ll only benefit from it. There will still be the need to make a high quality blog, so do not be lazy about it. Your blog posts will get indexed as well as the comments, and it opens up new avenues.

You can tap into insane traffic if you know how to navigate your way through Digg and Reddit. For one thing they have millions of users and readers, plus they can rank well sometimes. It is fun to play with it, and you can run some quick tests and then check out the search rankings for the keywords you used. You see, the more votes you can get for your story, the more prominent it will be on the site. If you want to game the system slightly then there are tools that can help you use multiple accounts to promote, be careful though you’ll need something to hide your IP address. This tool which people use to stream UK TV can be used for this purpose. Ultimately, your aim here is to get your site on the front page of Digg and/or Reddit, and if you get this right, there’s absolutely no looking back.

There are all kinds of ways you can develop traffic using videos, and the king of video is still Youtube. The combination of other video sharing sites besides Youtube may not make the effort worthwhile.

You can very easily make pretty nice videos, and there are tons of resources you can find pretty easily. You just need to take the plunge and learn from your experience, and a lot of Internet marketers think that video marketing is reserved only for a few niches, which is not true. The hardest part for all in business is the beginning when you have little to no traffic. Traffic is the one thing that will make or break your site, and even bad traffic is just about as good as no traffic. Sending traffic to your site using a variety of methods is better than only focusing on one method. It is smart to have diversity in the way you create traffic, but do not let your efforts get too thin. The only condition being that you take regular action, without giving up.

IP Address Changer – Further Information

Build your Own Business Coaching Site

It’s one of the most popular online vocations, and one that lends itself well to the internet. Successful business coaches are always in demand and creating a specialist coaching site is a logical step as it facilitates helping many more student irrespective of location.

You managed to do what just a few people have been able to do: you’ve completed a professional business coaching program. If you are among the most prepared business coaches, you have even completed an apprenticeship. A successful career as a business coach is in front of you, if you’re prepared to launch into it. But learning how to promote yourself is a new ball game. There are several ways you can do this but the simplest would be to have a web site made to advertise the services that you’re offering. Obviously, you’ll want the web site intended to promote your services to effectively attract new clients. It is important to start by identifying the main traits of excellent business coaching sites. It is important that you take your list of important business coaching web site features and build them into your web site.


Your website needs to clearly define the fact that you are offering business coaching services. A few might consider advice such as this a tad too basic. It may seem totally obvious that you will be selling your coaching services on the site. Well, it may do this, but will it do so in a way that is very clear and succinct? Anytime you make modifications or envision changes for your website, you should step back and decide if it is still clear at first that the website is about your availability as a business coach. You’d be surprised at the number of business professionals who develop web sites without making it clear to website visitors what the purpose of the web site is.  Make sure you check from different locations and browsers, it might be worth changing your IP address using a tools like this.  Try to avoid this common and serious oversight. Your career choice must be obvious to all website visitors.

You face a great deal of competition in this hot new marketplace. Why should anybody pick you as their business coach? Do you possess any particular skills that set you above your peers in the field? You must make it clear you are among the great experts in your field. If you do not do this, you’ll discover that you can barely survive on the amount of business you get. Web site promotion isn’t about how many words you can use to explain what you have to offer. You simply need to focus on the basics. Speak about your expertise, from your exceptional education to a number of of your past work experience.

In addition, it won’t hurt to bring up if you have a specialty coaching skill. Your unique skill could make you a better fit for businesses in related industries. This can create a specialized niche for you, especially when you’re just starting out. Your areas of expertise need to be pointed out clearly. Make your unique skills clear to your visitors. It is crucial that they find out what those skills are so they know why you are the perfect candidate.

You shouldn’t neglect to include several ways of getting in touch with you. This might also appear to be really basic info, but often entrepreneurs get so focused on developing other areas of the web site they forget the simple yet important things. So, ensure you supply the right amount of contact info or else you may find the number of queries you receive is surprisingly low.

Blogging Can Boost Your Business

Sometimes people think that a blog is just for individuals, an online diary that people just use to document their lives. However blogs have been around for years now and some of the most successful are actually used to actively promote businesses. A blog is an ideal format for sending out updates about what your business is doing and products/services it’s selling.

blogging-336375_640 (1)

It’s safe to say that blogging isn’t just a temporary phase. There’s no way it could be just a fad, based on how long blogging has already been going. It’s been around longer than social media and it isn’t going away any time soon. Blogging is so simple anyone can do it. There are also businesses using blogging as a way to increase their online presence.  Many of these use buy IP address tools like this to blog on different platforms in multiple countries too. It makes no difference if your business is offline or online, having a blog is still a great way to interact with customers online. This article will look at how and why you should consider using a blog for business.

Using a blog is a great way to boost your search engine optimization tactics. If you’ve done any learning about promoting your business on the web, you know that you need to make sure that your website is search engine friendly. You have lots of things you can do to get this happening. Adding fresh content regularly is an excellent option. This is easy to do when you use a blogging platform. Adding a blog to a business website gives you the opportunity to add updated content regularly, which helps keep your site ranking well on search engines. Blogging is great because it lets you be conversational and casual. You can use a more formal tone for your main business website. But your blog lets you interact with your readers on a much more casual level. You can use slang and colloquialisms however often you want. You wouldn’t even dream of writing this way on a professional business site, so feel free to let loose on your blog. You may find that some visitors will feel more relaxed reading casual blog posts, which gives you a great opportunity to tell them more about your products or services in a conversational way.

Do you have plans to release a new product, maybe you want to target a new market perhaps you need a Canadian proxy? Perhaps you have an additional service to offer clients. You might just be offering a special discount on something in your existing range. Write a blog post that discusses these things in some detail. There are a few benefits you can derive from doing this. You get to take advantage of posting updated content on your blog. It also gives that particular product or service more press and helps drive up interest in it. You’ll find more people buy from you when you are very enthusiastic about how much you believe in your products. So you get the increased profits from more sales and your customers win by seeing more updated posts.

There are so many different things that matter when it comes to ensuring your business success. If you really want your business to succeed, blogging is a great way to start. Blogging is something that will be around for quite some time. If you don’t have a blog, this actually has a negative connotation in regard to your business. Get your blog up and running now!

Tyroler Kostumer – Redesigning their website

Time for another example of a redesign. This time the website Tyroler Kostumer which can be seen here. It’s a small online costume site, with focus on the oktoberfest or beerfest as some call it. They had an old site which looked like this:

Tyroler kostumer og udklædning til oktoberfest

Why analysing their Google Analytics account, they could see that a lot of their visitors left the site soon after visiting it. Often the reason for this is either:

Wrong information on the page, compared to which keywords they have searched for or it’s because the design looks so bad, that people either don’t want to hurt they eyes any more by looking at the site, or it simple doesn’t look trustworthy enough. The last part is especially important if you are running an E-commerce store. This isn’t the case with Tyroler Kostumer, but if it had been another site, a website then the problem would have been even worse. If the site doesn’t looko trustworthy and professionel, then a lot of people wouldn’t feel very safe typing in their credit card information on your site, and you would very likely loose a lot of sales.
The high bouncerate was one thing, but the old site had a lot of other issues. One of them being the navigation structure. It was actually pretty hard to find what you where looking for on the page, which resultet in people either leaving the site or using the contact form to get in touch with the siteowners and asking them for the information needed. Because of this, they had a lot of additional support, that could easily have been avoided, if their visitors had an easier time finding the info. The next problem was the design itself which looked really bad. With a design like this people can’t really take the site and it’s content serious. The owners knew that, but they had gotten a great offer on the first website and being low on funds as this was only a hobby project, they had taken the offer. The final problem with the site was the CMS system, it was something homemade, by their old design firm, and very hard to add new content to the site.
Now it was time to get all of this fixed, and after 3 weeks of hard work tyrolerudklaedning.dk now looked like this:


It’s still a low budget site, so not a lot of fancy features or a breathtaking design, but it’s a much cleaner site, buiding in the WordPress CMS system to keep the costs down. People can easily find the information they need now, and it looks at least trustworthy enough to make people believe the text there. Here 2 months after they got their site, they have already seen the improvements. They get a lot less support emails and their bouncerate has been cut almost in half. Now Tyroler kostumer got a site they can easily update, and they save time answering support emails.

Redesigning hexen vinduer

nyt gulv hos pt vinduerThis months website resigning is hexen vinduer owned by Dyrby Paulsen. Back in 2002 they got a new website mainly so that they could post various company news on the front page, and people could visit their website and see some of their products like vinduer online. It was a website coded in a CMS system called Simpel CMS, which covered the basic part, you could add/edit posts, upload images, and there was even a product catalog included. Like many other CMS systems from around year 2000 it wasn’t the easiest to work with, especially if you needed to add other types of media beside images or special texts. It got infected with malware about twice a year due to lack of security updates and the design on the website was startet to look a bit old school. So after talking to them, we decided to do a full redesign so that they could show their products vinduer in a better way, and also got a new cms system, that would be a little easier to work with.

They had a few requests which basically came down to.
1) An easy to use CMS system, that didn’t require a lot of training to use.
2) A modern design that was easy for the search engines to index and easy for the customers to navigate around in.
3) Speed was an issue, so they needed some kind of backend caching too
4) A calender where they could add importent dates and events.
5) A product gallery (without prices or shopping carts, so not a full blown webshop)
6) A simple contact formular with captcha to prevent spam, and if possible with a google map.

We showed them two different choices that would support all their needs – Joomla and WordPress CMS, both good and free systems that would fit their needs just fine. After trying out the two systems, they settled on WordPress due to a greater amount of free plugins, and and a more userfriendly CMS system.

After that we created the first framework for their new design, which they accepted without any changes. Based on that we created a template that would give the most focus to their products betongulve and vinduer. After approval of the final design, we installed the CMS system, added plugins such as all in one SEO, dynamic widgets, calender widget, Woo Commerce, which we tweaked to remove the shopping part and contact form 7 + google maps. To ensure it was running fast, we installed zen cache combined with Autoptimize that minified all stylesheets and javascripts.

A month later we analysed the data, and found that the amount of visitors haven’t increased. But the bounce ratio had improved and it did look like people had an easier time, finding the information they where looking for. Based on the number of contacts related to products like beton gulve and vinduer, it did look like more of the visitors became costumers, but one month isn’t enough time to verify that completely.

Resources for Artists on the Internet

There are some great resources for art online.  Nowadays you can stroll around virtual galleries and view world famous pictures from the comfort of your arm chair. If you enjoy reading about art, then there’s many web sites like this to help provoke thought and point you towards the latest art news.  If you want something more discussion based there are many great forums where artists and people can meet – if you want want to try based in the UK then try the Artists Forum.

Many of  the non-profit making art websites and forums tend to look a little basic, but they’re often packed full of useful information and discussion about art.  The best organised ones are split into different subject areas, which makes them easier to navigate.  For example artist forum above has sections about digital and traditional media.  These are then split down into drawing, painting and other art methods, then split again into specifics such as the medium.  There’s some great tips on charcoal drawing in those forums for example.

But my favorite use of the internet is on a practical level.  After all you can look at an image of a famous painting or drawing on a monitor but it’s never going to replace seeing the work of art in person.  But for someone learning art what could be better – well how about this for an example.

For people learning art in colleges as students, of course pracical demonstrations are readily available.  But for the rest of us with perhaps an interest in art and no mentor – <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gihY_oL2iE”>videos like these</a> from the Pain Basket TV are invaluable.  A huge series of art lessons recorded and uploaded onto Youtube for free – they’re wonderful.

THere are many great art programmes on traditional TV but often these are inaccessible depending on where you live.  Some of the best are in the UK and US however if you live outside these areas it’s difficult to watch even online.  Sites like this can help you access some of the best art shows by changing your IP address online, however it does involve some small expense to watch it online.

There is no doubt that like many areas, the internet has brought artists together and enabled people to learn wherever they are.

James Ireland

What to consider when creating a webdesign

porteDesigning a website isn’t always an easy task. But if you ask some it is, they are told make a website for a site selling fences, and they sit down and start out right away, a few days later they got the design done and implemented. This is something we see over and over, and sometimes they manage to come up with a nice and useful design for their customers, but most of the time it’s a failure. It may be a great design, but ofte it’s not very userfriendly, targeting the wrong audience or doesn’t really fit what the company is selling. A few days ago a friend of mine asked me to look at the new design they had gotten for their company Hegn and Porte. Hegn and Porte is a metal company selling all kinds of steel solutions to other companies. It was pretty obvious that everything was from a standard template and only the text and the logo had been changed. This is also something that is quite common in the design industri. While a lot the standard premium templates are quite good, they ofte still needs some customization in order to fit the website they are used on. It was pretty clear that this wasn’t the case with Hegn, for instance they had used a dark puple as the main color, several places on the page were flower patterns as background. While this may have worked nicely for a hairdresser it certainly didn’t on a website related to steel.

But what do you need to consider when creating a new site? Well for one thing, start by learning a little more about your customer. What are they selling, and what are their policy? For instance if the company care about the envoriment and have spend a lot of money making their production as enviromental friendly as possible, adding a few green colors to the website may be welcome. Who are their customers, is it mainly women, young people or elderly business men? This is important because different types of people, navigate differenly on a website. For instance many elderly are having an easier time using a broad navigation structure over a deep structure. Certain colors are also more appealing to certain groups, for instance if the main audience are tweens, you may want to add some more colors, polls and other special features to keep them interested. Is it a business information site, make it more simple and remove those elements that isn’t nessesary. You also need to consider making it responsive, so that it works well on both a desktop computer, a tablet and a smartphone.

Another important step is finding the right webhotel solution. Selecting a cheap but slow solution may work for sites where people don’t have to change pages a lot and the number of visitors are relatively low, but if you run an ecommerce site with thousands of daily visitors, then you want a very fast solution, which often cost a bit more.

Wanna Punch Him – He’s Actually a Success

There is no doubt that Mcdonald’s probably have one of the most popular and iconic designs in the history of design – the famous golden arches.  However in other areas they don’t seem to have been quite so effective.  Over the years Mcds have had a few mascots, the longest running of course the singularly annoying Ronald McDonald.  The latest design is at first glance, well awful – here it is.


I’m not sure why but like many, I find him extremely creepy.  He’s certainly not the ‘happy’ face I’d choose to promote a kiddies meal available at a popular fast food restaurant.    If you look across social media, you’ll find many more with the same opinion – calling him scary, weird and just unpleasant.

So how is the fast food giant responding ?  Well mostly they are very pleased. Of course no one is that impressed with having their designs criticized and complained about.   However the goal of this mascot is to draw attention to their range of happy meals and the new related items appearing on  their menus.

But the reality is that every blog post, every Tweet or share or troll on social media that picks fun over the mascot is basically increasing it’s reach and profile.    Just like this post which is effectively bringing a brand name to anyone who reads it.

In fact the mascot called erm ‘happy’ has been used internationally for some years already.  He is only new to the US market and he’s already creating quite a profile for himself and his company and product line.  There are measurements about how successful a brand or image in online and the companies who track these tell us he’s been a bit of a hit.

It’s always difficult for a worldwide brand to select mascots and brand designs which appeal to people across the world.  Mainly because of the simple fact that people are different – just look at the adverts you’ll see on US TV stations and compare them with say a European/British TV advert and you’ll see an enormous difference.    You can check online to watch these, American viewers can use this technique which demonstrates how to watch BBC iPlayer in the US – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VYyV0vrTfM

So perhaps that design doesn’t need universal acclaim to become successful, sometimes it just to just promote opinions.

Watch BBC News Live – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdEx5VAS4dU

Development of the Media – From Thunderer to the iPlayer

In 1785 a newspaper was established called – ‘The Daily Universal Register’.  Not the most awe inspiring name but it was to become one of the most famous newspapers in the world over the next few hundred years.  The newspaper was renamed in 1788 to the slightly more familiar – The Times and from then on as developed into a famous world brand.


The Times has not always been popular and in fact in recent years the days of it’s slightly mocking nickname of ‘The Thunderer’ would have seemed child’s play compared to the allegations currently being directed at the Murdoch’s empire. The media has probably changed more in the last five years than in the preceding two centuries.  The internet and TV have meant that news stories travel around the globe at a breathtaking speed, so your average newspaper will be way behind the times on many news stories waiting for the presses to roll.

Access to the news has also become more global, if you have the right box you can watch live news from anywhere on the planet in your sitting room.  A Sky subscriber probably has access to more information than a News editor from the 1970s by a long margin. There is one corporation that has a significant advantage though in this media development and that’s the BBC.  Despite the austerity cuts the BBC has a huge Internet budget and access to possibly the most comprehensive media archives on the planet.

The delivery mechanism will be crucial and although currently aimed at the domestic market there is hope that you will be able to access BBC Iplayer abroad very soon from  anywhere.

At the moment it is restricted although there are several technical work arounds to bypass these so you can watch BBC News Live . Unfortunately these technical issues mean that the audience is restricted globally. The restrictions mean that the audience will either be very technical (or geeky if you prefer) or they will have the means to purchase solutions to access the BBC IPlayer. In both cases it is kind of sad that the audience is restricted this way.

For Further Information
UK Proxy Service – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VYyV0vrTfM

Using Effective Risk Management Techniques In Your Web Business

Internet marketing is an endeavor that allows for constant growth, whether you’re a beginner or already have an established business. Since there are so many possibilities when it comes to online businesses, it’s your job to figure out what you want to achieve. What matters is that you have the discipline to acquire the skills that you need and to then put them into practice at the appropriate time. When you’re an entrepreneur, you have to be self motivated and willing to take responsibility for your results.


Many decisions must be made, and several tasks must be performed, before you can do your online business in a profitable way. Remember that all of these tasks need to be completed, and it doesn’t matter what order did you get them done in. A good place to start is determining if you are going to do a product or service when you start marketing. Many people start with affiliate marketing, but then later move into creating their own products for sale. Whatever you market will be based upon your personal preferences and choice. But taking your time, you can choose a product or service to promote.  Protect yourself online, make sure  you have  the right tools for security and use something like a quick ip address changer to switch locations whenever you need. Plus, you can always change up what you’re doing later on.

Even though having a list of tasks you want to accomplish every day is a familiar strategy, many people don’t practice it. You may want to have a special list for your online business, or one that encompasses all of your daily activities. Wherever you keep this list, it works best when you can view it with ease so you don’t forget anything. It is so easy to get side-tracked by a hundred things either at home or on the net, or both. Equally important is setting your priorities, so that if you don’t have time to do everything you at least manage to address the most vital things. It’s widely believed, for good reason, that the most valuable task you can focus on is building your mailing list. You also obviously need targeted visitors in order to accomplish any of your IM goals, so don’t neglect this pursuit.

We have been talking about risk management in this article but with examples of money management. In fact, the better your money management skills, the lower your risks will be in your business. More than you probably realize, this way of thinking is extremely important. This is advice that I did not listen to years ago. And because I failed to listen, I had to experience many tough lessons along the way. These money management strategies, when they are ignored, can literally cost people tens of thousands of dollars in profits. You have to consider the responsibility that a family person has. If you are married and have kids, you know what I’m talking about.

In this article, I have discussed many types of management, including risk management strategies. You will increase your chances of succeeding online as you learn more information in these particular areas. You need to get tougher, and also develop time management skills that can help you succeed. You will probably succeed as long as you keep learning each and every day.

Further Information

Creating a Newsletter that Actually is Read

You are going to hear an awful lot about list building and how important it is to the overall success of your Internet Marketing projects.   However for any business with an online presence, creating and distributing a newsletter to your customers can be a very smart move.


The two things you need to focus on is developing the list and then putting your newsletter together. You can parlay your own unique personality into it, and this is one thing that a lot of IM marketers do not quite appreciate. There is plenty of time to send them offers, but you need patience because you are dealing with strangers and there needs to be some good relationship. What you can expect out of this article are sound tips and advice on how not to totally mess up your email newsletter.

Join forces with newsletter publishers and trade content between yourselves. You know that your readers are going to share your information with others. Why not build your list while doing this–all at the same time. If you really want this to work for you, you need to work with someone who publishes for an industry or market that complements your own. Ask them to send you some content regularly and offer to do the same thing for them. Not only will this make it easier to publish content regularly while not having to necessarily create all of it yourself, it introduces you and your business to new markets and niches. It’s a win-win for everyone involved-particularly the readers who get access to great new ideas.

It is okay to recycle material every once in a while. You shouldn’t, obviously, send out all of the same information within all of your newsletters but you should be safe sending out something that you sent out a few months ago. You’ll be even better off if you rewrite your content so that it can feel fresher. It is much better if you can get the content from somewhere outside of your newsletter, like from a podcast or a blog that your readers hopefully won’t have experienced already. Newsletters require lots of content so that it can be new with every issue you publish and coming up with all of that content can be incredibly exhausting. Just make sure you don’t recycle too often and you should be fine.

Believe it or not, you can create a promotional newsletter in the form of a product or service review service, which will actually motivate people to open your emails every time. Affiliate offers should be sent out sparingly, not in every email. If you are an affiliate for any product, talking about them in your newsletter will help you make more sales every week. And, of course, always talk about non-affiliate related products so that you appear to be operating with their best interests in mind. The perception that you will convey, when you don’t promote products every single time, is that you are honestly trying to help them save money on their purchases, not just flood your bank account with affiliate checks.

If you want to improve your newsletter for your readers there are lots of different things you can try. The things we’ve talked about here are just the start of things. As you do more work and learn more you are going to find all sorts of things that you can do to make your newsletter better. There isn’t anything to worry about, the only thing that is holding you back is your own imagination!

Harry Bond

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Designing af new website for Mobilkøkken

untitledLast month I got a new job, redesigning the website for Mobilkøkken at dc-supply.dk, as it’s right now one big mess. Mobilkøkken is a site renting various container solutions such as containerudlejning, pavillon, skurvogn etc. But how do one get started on such a job? Well I am going to share some of my thoughts with you guys, as this is a pretty big design project. I have the task of designing af new website for Mobil Køkken up in several sub tasks.

Reuseable parts
The first take is to identify which parts of the existing website at dc-supply.dk we can reuse. Most of the content is actually pretty good and well written. So all the text is something we should save. A lot of the images are also ok. They might need a little extra work, such as resizing, re-adjusting the colors etc.

Navigation Structure
For me, one of the biggest problems with the current website for Mobilkøkken is it’s navigation struction. It really doesn’t make much sense so before we can start on the new site, we need to make a plan on how to structure the whole site. This will be a major task and one that will need carefull planing.

CMS system
Normally we could here have to consider which CMS system, would be the best choice for this project, but Mobilkøkken have already dediceded that they want to keep their existing CMS system Odeum, since most of their employees already know how to use this system. Odeum is a pretty useful CMS system, while it lacks some of the plugins and special features of other systems like wordpress, it’s pretty easy to customize. It will require a little more coding, but we will also get a more customized system that suits our needs perfectly.

Another of the big tasks, is the design. There are many who think that this is the most important part of creating a website, but I will have to disagree about this. There are plenty of great sites out there with almost no design or graphics. In my opinion the most important part, is how the site is structured, that it’s easy for the visitors for find the information or products that they are looking for. That the layout is easy to read and with clear call to actions. Right now I don’t have any idea about which design I am going to use for Mobil køkken. Hopefully I will get this part covered here in the next two weeks.

Search optimizations
Another important part that a lot of designers don’t really think about is optimizing the website for search engines. This often goes hand in hand with making it as userfriendly as possible. For instance adding enough information on the pages to make them relevant for the visitors. Using the proper titles and captions. Adding informative graphics and infographs ect. This combined with a good internal site structure will help to make your website more visible on the various search engines.

There are of course a lot of other minor tasks and many of these major tasks can be divided into smaller tasks. But it should help you get the idea of some of the thoughts I have, when taking on a big webdesign project like this one.

Organic Search Factors – Speed up your Blog

An often overlooked ranking factor for both web sites and blogs is that of speed. However over the last few years, Google and the other search engines have continually upgraded this status in it’s algorithms to the point where it’s a very important factor. Obviously it will vary depending on how and where your visitor is visiting, someone using a smart tv vpn can experience delays however those can be minimized if your blog is optimized for speed.

There are many things that can make a blog more or less popular, but one that sometimes gets overlooked is loading time. In fact, there have been an unknown number of times I have clicked away from a site because it was loading too slowly. Having a blog that loads efficiently is, then, essential if you want steady traffic. Not only does a slow blog chase people away, it will even harm your search engine ranking. Not long ago, Google publicly mentioned that load times are one element that affects a site’s ranking. If you want to have a popular, high traffic blog, you simply must care about the issue of load time; let’s see how you can make improvements in this area.


It’s always worthwhile to take any steps you can to make your blog more enjoyable to visit. Present your information in a way that’s reader friendly, as you want to hold onto visitors as long as possible. Even details you may not pay attention to, such as how long your paragraphs are, can play an important role.

Professional copywriters are well aware of this principle, which is why they vary their paragraph lengths. If all of your paragraphs are the same length, it creates a monotonous effect that you want to avoid. Paragraphs that are too long are hard to read, so you should put in a mixture of lengths ranging from very short to medium-long. Very short paragraphs are useful for highlighting certain things you want people to pay special attention to.

Graphics can also slow down your site, and there are a couple of ways to handle this. If you want the search engines to recognize your graphics, you can take a few different steps. There’s something known as web optimization that allows your images to load more quickly. Very often, your images are slowing down your site because the file sizes are so large -so what you want to do is decrease their size. Images can be optimized in this manner in any graphics program you might be using. One type of image you should avoid using are bitmap images. These images have high resolution and are attractive, but they also are large files. For faster loading times, you are better off sticking with smaller image files.

Any time you cache something into memory, it loads it into a memory location for faster access. So what that gives you is faster response times when your site or blog calls for it. You can easily accomplish this on your blog by installing a good plugin. There are a few plugins that can do this; Super Cache is the name of a widely used one. What this does is create a cache engine that will produce HTML files that are static. You can increase your loading times using this, but be careful you do not negate its purpose by adding more plugins just because you can. The greatest and smartest technique or way of thinking with IM is to look everywhere for something influential. An excellent illustration of this is having power over the experiences of other people when you buy an excellent ebook about online marketing. You have to maintain balance so you do not become a perpetual student and not a doer, though.

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Does Your Landing Page do the Job?

The landing page is important, perhaps vital to the success of your online business. You may have lots of information and background pages but your landing pages are special, they’re important . Often potential customers arriving at your landing page have cost you money perhaps through PPC or advertising so it’s crucial they don’t just click away. Whether you go the direct sale route, get them to watch a video like this or simply try and snag email addresses – landing pages need to achieve some sort of outcome for your business to succeed.

Success Starts Here Freeway Style Desert Landscape

There are important and huge differences between a landing page and a regular website home page. It isn’t hard to figure out what’s what when you consider what is going on with those pages. Both pages have specific purposes but the landing pages are more immediate. You get to have your most desired response hopefully fulfilled by your visitors. When you have that kind of situation, then the whole dynamic changes which better change the way you approach things. You’ll have a different way of looking at things when you’re working on your page and you’ll be using the standard design tools much differently.

Internet users often browse hundreds of sites per day, which means you have an extremely short window of opportunity to capture their attention if you want them to spend any time on your site. That’s the cold, hard truth of the matter, and you simply have to face this. It’s hard to even calculate all of the factors that come into play regarding this decision. While there may be many elements that affect visitors’ decisions, one we can be sure is important is the headline on your landing page. So, always be direct in any headline you write and avoid being cute, artsy or collegiate. If people find a headline too hard to figure out, they’re likely to just click away, so be as clear and direct as possible.

It’s important to create a really good and really effective message for your opt-in box. It’s important to consider what happens when a person is willing to buy and is right on the brink of making that definite decision. A good sales person will know just what to say to move that person in the right direction. The situation on a landing page is similar because nobody who lacks interest actually visits a landing page. Then all you have to do is figure out what a skilled and very experienced sales person was going to say. Read the words written above the opt-in boxes on most of the landing pages that you find and you will see what others are doing for their clincher messages.

Take a step away from the typical approach to sales copy used on other places within your site. Typically you’ll only use copy (aka words) to share your marketing and informative messages. Sadly, on the landing page, there isn’t really enough space or time for this. Landing pages, by nature, are meant to be pretty short. It is important to make things mostly visual then. You can imply some messages and stories via images instead of relying solely on copy. Humans are very visually oriented, and men are more visual than women. Either way, choosing the right graphics and imagery can help you out quite a lot. A comprehensive study of landing page design will do you a world of good. This is a topic that isn’t really given as much attention as it deserves, especially in high profile marketing products. You can, however, access some low profile yet reliable ebooks, videos and other content, much of it free, in various places online. Hopefully, this article will have sparked your interest in looking for ways that you can improve your landing pages.

James Hetherington

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Building Links to your Site Can be Tough

Link building is one of those things that every web master denies doing but we all end up having to. The reality is that at the moment all the search engines all value links in their algorithms and if you ain’t got any, you won’t have any traffic either!

At first glance, link building doesn’t appear to be hard. After all, how hard can it be to set up a few simple links to your website or business? The truth is that it is more involved than that. You could always try the “hope” strategy by establishing a few profiles on directory sites and hoping it all works out. You have to be ready to do some serious work, though, if you expect your link building efforts to help in the marketing of your site and company. Thus, you probably want to know what strategies you can apply for better link building. Keep reading this article and find out.

Give the novices in your industry a hand. Do you remember what it was like when you first started out? You would frequently build links to people who had done something to motivate you or to give you a hand, didn’t you? You can be an inspiration to others. Be inventive too, try and use different tactics to build useful and relevant links to your site. If you’re web pages are about British TV programmes, then don’t mess around building links from health or finance sites – look to your own niches for real power.

chains-502880_640You can publish a series of eBooks and articles offering advice to the newbies in your industry and you can put them up on your site or use another platform like the Kindle. Your help will be greatly appreciated. You’ll be able to prove to people that you are an expert. When these two things come together, the result is a lot of quality backlinks. If you want a way to generate more visitors, post a survey on your site. You shouldn’t, however, just pick a random survey. Every site has a different type of visitor, and you have to choose a survey that’s a good match for yours. That survey should also be something that people will want to check back in on. A survey can also serve as a pre-sell for an upcoming release, as when you ask people to vote on the “best title for my next report.” This not only lets people know about your next product, it gets them involved and makes them think about it. When people share this survey, you’ll get in influx of links.

A contest that gives your visitors a chance to cast their vote on some issue can be a viral link building tactic. Hold a contest for the best site design in your niche or the best video or -well, anything really. The idea, of course, is to get plenty of entries from your visitors. You want them to tell their friends and followers to vote for you. This means that, yes, you will need to have a good prize but the prize you build will be well worth the effort. Some people might want to enter several times to increase their chances of winning. You never know where news about your contest might end up. Building links requires a lot things. Some people believe that link building is some constant tasks that are done daily. Maybe this happens sometimes. But, usually this is not going to be enough. Be willing to work hard on a daily basis. It takes time for your link building efforts to pay off but once they do, they will pay off in spades. Use the tips we’ve shared here to help you get started.

John Hamish

How Web 2.0 Marketing Can Accelerate Your Business

Web 2.0 marketing is becoming a more and more popular term, due to the advancement of technology in recent years. The Internet as a whole has gone through a plethora of changes because of the Web 2.0 phenomenon; it has completely changed the way we communicate online. Applying these new methods and technologies to your business is key. How would you be able to implement it and get “buzz” generated about your product line? This article will focus on gaining a better understanding of Web 2.0 and how it can help you to get bigger and better results for your marketing campaign now and in the future.

If we look at Web 2.0 at a finer level, it’s nothing but the World Wide Web powered by smart technologies that helped create targeted communities, let people have strong discussions, debates, etc. All of this has come to fruition due to the environments created in the multitude of Web 2.0 sites. The Internet is no longer dull and static, it’s got life. In return, marketing has become far more vibrant. Web 2.0 has seen the emergence of any number of dynamic sites, such as social networks, blogs, forums. Each having the capability to leave comments and have RSS feeds. With all of these new changes, people began to recognize the potential this had for online marketing.

briketter and brænde from brikettertilbud

Ultimately these technologies have opened up the Internet to more than just big businesses with money to spend. The Internet is open to everybody; you can freely create whatever website you want and host whatever content you want. Now it is possible for anyone to create a site for their company or organization for sales, service or publicity.

The direct interaction that Web 2.0 allows is one of the major benefits, as you have a straight line link with your potential customers. Furthermore, if your sales website allows commenting, your customers can interact with one another and further promote your products. You business will benefit from receiving as many comments as possible. A rapport between you and your audience is created by this commenting process and it gives your site fresh content for the search engines. Not only do search engines thrive on information that is constantly revised and modernized, but comments will also help move you up in the rankings. Above all, this is quality content that is coming to you for free. The more diverse the comments on your website are, the better your search engine rankings will be because there will be a greater number of relevant keywords to search. Now that we have discussed comments, we should look at another important technology; RSS feeds allow users to subscribe to the feeds on your page so that they will receive all the updates you make to the site. This boosts your “repeat visitor” count as more and more people will be coming back to check the new changes.

Basically, if you are smart about your Web 2.0 marketing, you can find fantastic results in the long run. There are a lot of marketers that know how advantageous having a Web 2.0 marketing campaign can be. If you find that your Internet marketing campaign is not getting you the results you want, wouldn’t it make sense to try something that has a proven track record? The Internet is constantly changing, and so should your marketing strategies in order to keep up. Experimenting with new technologies and trying out new techniques and methods in your business can help you to stay ahead of the curve – and your competition!

Jim Herriot